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Japan, a Boutique of Japanese Objects for Your Home.
Ideally Located in the Heart of Brussels

Passionate about Japan?

Calligraphy, kimonos and Japanese decoration at Japan in Brussels

Do you dream of finding a kimono, Japanese porcelain or a lucky charm? Decoration and tableware store Japan welcomes you to the heart of Brussels.

Specializing in objects from Japan, from calligraphy to clothing to tableware , our shop Japan offers a wide range of authentic objects that will immerse you in the Japanese culture and atmosphere.

Visit us in our shop or contact us for more information about our products and Japanese decorative items.

From Japanese Fans to Yukatas

Available and attentive to your needs, we are happy to advise you on the selection of decorative objects when buying as a gift or for yourself. Renowned for its quality and art of living, Japanese decoration is rich and varied:


dishes and plates, cups and mugs, chopsticks, knives, Japanese porcelain, Japanese ceramics...

Japanese Décor

calligraphy, incense, maneki-neko, stationery, origami, fans, Japanese accessories...

Japanese Clothing

kimonos, yukatas, bags, Japanese flip-flops...


in tins or bags, teapots, matcha, complete tea sets...

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