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Japan: Japanese Tableware and Decorations

Tableware and Décor:
The Japanese Art of Living

Japanese Tableware and Ceramics

Japanese tea sets, mugs, bowls and a wide variety of incense and calligraphy supplies for enthusiasts. We offer a wide range of decorative items and tableware traditional to Japan.

Japan is a shop for Japanese tableware and decorations. Are you looking for Japanese kitchenware or to make your own matcha tea? Our team is passionate about the specificities of the Japanese way of life and is happy to help you.

The Japanese kitchenware we offer is made of high-quality ceramic. Washable and durable, they will serve you daily or on special occasions, certain to surprise your guests for many years to come.

Wide selection of mugs, dishes, bowls, tea sets, cast iron teapots... there is something for everyone.

Known and recognised for its famous prints, Japan is associated with the subtle and delicate quality of its writing and drawing. Japan offers you high-quality calligraphy equipment and a large selection of brushes, ink stones and paper, as well as wall pictograms.

 Colourful fans, jade jewellery, origami, maneki-neko and Daruma are also among the hidden treasures in our shop.

We are here to serve you. We offer you the following items:


bentos, dishes and plates, Japanese cups and mugs, bowls, knives, chopsticks, Japanese porcelain, Japanese ceramics (renowned for its quality), Japanese tableware made of quality ceramics that can be used on a daily basis or for special occasions for many years.


in boxes or bags, teacups, tea sets, teapots, Fuji organic matcha tea, Genmai matcha tea with roasted rice, Genmaicha organic tea...

Home decor

lamps, noren, dishes, Japanese incense...


maneki neko, kokeshi doll, fans, Japanese accessories, paper origami...

  • Japanese bells, furin and chimes

  • Feng shui items

Stationery & Calligraphy

  • high-quality calligraphy supplies, "Four Treasures of the Scholar's Cabinet": brush, paper, ink and stone

  • Japanese screen


Small split fabric curtains found in Japan at the entrance to shops, restaurants and homes. It is a symbol and a sign of respectability, available in several designs. Authentic Japanese items!

Koi nobori 

  • Japanese gifts

  • Party decorations for children

  • Washi paper

  • Etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our Japanese decorations.

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